In 2011 I didn’t have the restaurant but I had a dream. One part of that vision was to be published in Veg News Magazine. I wrote them and let them know if they were ever looking for a recipe contributor I was their girl.  Today that part of the dream came true. Veg News is publishing my recipes and I am a recipe contributor. They finally wrote me back this year, 7 years later. You know what…. I was ready for them. In those 7 years even though I hadn’t heard back from them, I learned and grew as a chef, recipe maker and human.

Today represents a yes. A simple yes to all the no’s I have heard. A whisper that the vision I have created is manifesting.  It is so amazing that I need to pinch myself and celebrate because it’s all about the journey. The journey of point a to point b.  It all started with wanting to teach people what I was learning about food and health. Just sharing what has worked for me.

The cookbook goes to press so soon and before you know it I will be holding “Good Food Gratitude” in my hands until then this will do. A win. A clue I am on my path and stay course.  Thank you Veg News, not only were you an intricate part of my transition to vegan but you are also making my dreams come true of helping other find health, especially animals!

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Love Hollan!

Try My Favorite Vegan Recipes Cookbook!


Try My Favorite Vegan Recipes Cookbook!

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