I was not raised with water as a norm  in my house. We drank juice, soda, tea,  and milk, but water was kind of foreign. It wasn’t until I was in High School that water started being mainstream and bottled.  As I started searching for health, I realized water was really missing from my life.  So I now tend to only drink water, but when I want something different and bubbly I make my cheater soda.

What you need:  Makes four-8 oz cups

1  bottle sparkling water
¼ teaspoon dry or 8 drops per 8oz cup of either powdered stevia or liquid stevia
Wedge of lemon or lime or both
Ice if you like

How it’s made:
I add ice to my glass almost to the top, add stevia (play around to get the perfect sweetness for you) and squeeze a wedge of lemon, lime or both.  I then add the wedge to the glass. Play around making different variations: Cream Soda- take away citrus and add ¼ teaspoon vanilla, Root Beer – add sarsaparilla and vanilla, Grapefruit-replace citrus with grapefruit.

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