I have tried all types of meditation, transcendental meditation, mantra meditation, guided meditations, silent meditations, and many more. I know for me, I haven’t found one in particular that works, but have found all of them useful. I start by seeing how I feel and check in with what I need, how long I need it, and the frequency I will use it. I set a schedule to meditate in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Meditation is personal. It is important to make time for it because it gives your brain, thought patterns, and yourself a break.

Whether I lay down and meditate, or sit up like Buddha, to me it’s all about taking the time for me. There is NO inner guilt around my meditations, they are strictly there to serve me. If I find I’m cranky and unhappy, and not meditating regularly, I jump back on the train.

Take this time for you. CHOOSE YOURSELF and feel the quiet, chaos, or somewhere in between.

Meditation, and giving room for your thoughts and body to be still, will boost your immune system. You will get your mind and body in alignment, and every automatic process your body does will run better.

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