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I want to ask you a question, but it shouldn’t have an easy answer because there are so many facets to it. The question is “What are you feeding yourself?”

I want you to think about this question in every area of your life:

What foods are you feeding your body? Are they full of vitality? Are they bringing you closer to health? Do they give you energy?
What media are you ingesting? What are your sources? Are you stuck on the negative in the news?
What connection are you creating? Do your relationships bring you up? Do you feel better after being around your friends and family?
What are you reading? Do you read books that educate you, and uplift you? Do you read books that bring you into fear?
What products do you have in your life? From cleaners to bath products… Do you know your senses take it all in through the mouth, eyes, nose, touch and skin? Are you ingesting toxins without realizing it?

In her book Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son’s First Year, one of my favorite authors, Anne Lamott, wrote about the fear she faced when she became a mother, and her instinct to keep her son safe from the world. She talked about wanting to be locked in a white clean room with him. She says that when she is in her imaginary white room with him, she feels safe until her fear kicks in. When she becomes fearful, she realizes there is no safe room, the walls fall away. In life there is always something. The brain is tricky, fear is even trickier, and the depths you can go to are never ending. There is always another layer to peel, because we live in an unstable world where we really have no control. I have found that being in peace and calmness, aware of the storm, feels so much better. I find that what I am feeding myself, in all areas of my life, is the one thing that makes the biggest difference. I often remember that there is no safe room, but we can control what we allow to come into the room. Look at what you are ingesting in all aspects of your life. When you know more, you fear less. 

I am not saying to stay uninformed or be delusional, but even if you were in a clean, sterilized room right now, there are still things to fear. So inform yourself enough to be safe, and flatten the curve, but don’t obsess on things that bring you into fear. Take the time to control the one thing you are able to – what you are feeding yourself. It all starts with an awareness of what you are bringing in. 

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