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Hi I’m Hollan…

Aloha, pleased to meet you!  I am Hollan. I am here to inspire you to take steps to change your life. I am a mother, vegan chef, former restaurant owner, self-help junkie and now cookbook author. I have worn many hats in this life, but the only one that matters is my relationship with myself and my body.  When those two are aligned, everything falls into place. I am a better mother, chef and am motivated to help others.

I live my version of my dream life. I am an island girl and feel my best when surrounded by water. I live on Kauai, the most beautiful place in the world. I am able to be in nature all the time. I write for a living, cookbooks, books, blogs, programs and articles. I travel so much. I always dreamed of seeing the world. Now it is my reality. I shift when I’m not feeling something in my life, and always reassess what is working and what is not.  My journey of health began 12 years ago when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and the doctor warned me that I had a 60% chance of developing diabetes 2 within the next decade. To top it off I had struggled with endometriosis and kidney stones. I had surgery twice to try to correct it. It always returned. Seeing that I was just shy of my 30th birthday, I was too young to have these issues. I decided to take my life and health in my hands. The first shift I had with my health, was when 11 years ago I changed my diet to vegan. I am happy to report that my bloodwork looks better at 41 then it did at 29. No more endometriosis or kidney stones. I feel in charge of my health and switch my habits when I don’t. The next came 5 years ago when I started investing in workshops, books and people  that supported me living my best life, clearing out all the clutter of my mind.  What I do know is health is an evolution.  There is always room for growth.

I now write to share my experience with you. What has worked for me in the past and what hasn’t. I want to help you along your own health evolution. I want to be the voice and support, I wish I had when I first started making changes to my own life.


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